Unleash Your Inner Athlete: The Winter Benefits of Hockey for Summer Cricket Enthusiasts


For those passionate about the crack of a cricket bat on a sunny summer day, transitioning to the icy thrill of hockey in winter might seem like a leap. However, the benefits of embracing hockey during the colder months can significantly enhance your summer cricket game.

Starting Hardball Cricket

Hard Ball Cricket

Your cricket mad youngster is keen to start playing hardball, what equipment do they need? Here are some suggestions to make life easier… Cricket Bat You will need to ensure that the bat you choose is ‘right for them’. It’s important to choose a bat which is appropriate for the level of cricket your children […]

Preparing your new cricket bat!

KNOCKING IN AND MAINTENANCE To gain the most from your new cricket bat it is essential that it is prepared (knocked in) and maintained in the correct manner. Following these procedures will significantly reduce the possibility of damage occurring. Knocking In Even if you have purchased a “pre-knocked-in” bat, further knocking in is always required. […]