Preparing your cricket bat to be used for the first time

Once you have purchased your new cricket bat you’ll want to give it the best start in life. Knocking in is a vital process to ensure your bat has a long life.  All cricket bats are pressed but knocking in is still required to compress the fibres of the willow in the face and edges of your bat to form a barrier to protect the bat against the impact of a cricket ball.  

This will improve the bounce and performance of the bat – it will not stop a bat splitting.  The more you knock in the bat the more runs it will get you!

This process can be carried out at home using a knocking in mallet or more conveniently we can do it for you professionally with our Knocking In service.

Our Knocking In service available at £35 per bat.

The bat will need to be played in, in addition to this before being used in a match.

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