Starting Hardball Cricket

Hard Ball Cricket

Your cricket mad youngster is keen to start playing hardball, what equipment do they need?

Here are some suggestions to make life easier…

Cricket Bat

You will need to ensure that the bat you choose is ‘right for them’.

It’s important to choose a bat which is appropriate for the level of cricket your children are playing. A newcomer to the game may be happy with a bat made from Kashmir willow, but to get full value for their shots an improving player will want a bat made from English willow. Bats come in sizes from 0 to 6, and then on to Harrow and full-sized senior bats. Come into the KCD shop and measure your boy or girl against our bat-sizing chart!


This vital for protection but also helps grow confidence.

Also U18s are not allowed to bat against a hardball without one, whether in a match or in the nets.

When choosing a cricket helmet it is important to try a few on as they are designed for varying head shapes. They have a preset face guard but to fit the head perfectly they come with adjusters and extra padding to fit all shapes and sizes with optional protection for the vulnerable neck area.

The box

This protects the delicate area between the two thigh pads, and although designs are inevitably similar, it is a very important piece of kit.


Remember that whilst they have to offer protection, they must be comfortable and your child also has to run in them

There is a very wide range and before you choose a pair you need to consider the type of cricket being played, the cost and of course the length of the child’s legs. It is never a good idea to buy pads that the child can “grow into”.


We don’t stock any gloves we wouldn’t be prepared to send our kids out to play in. The glove padding will need to be more robust when they start to face faster bowling. The cost of gloves is dependent on both the amount of protection and flexibility of the gloves.


Thigh pad – every player should wear a thigh pad when batting,as being hit by a cricket ball is very painful and can put youngsters off and make them scared of the ball. We supply both single thigh pads and double pads that protect both thighs.

Arm Guards and Chest Pads are also available at Kent Cricket Direct but are not necessarily essential.


As with all shoes comfort is most important and a choice of rubber soled or studded shoes are available, some more sturdy than others.

Balance and speed are vital for a cricketer and the correct footwear is essential. Players can wear studded shoes, especially bowlers for grip and support however some players choose to wear rubber soled shoes even on grass. For indoor & hardcourt cricket these shoes are ideal.

Cricket Bag

We have a wide range of bags including holdalls, ‘the wheelie’ and duffle bags.

It is always a good idea to try a number of different styles and sizes to ensure that it can carry everything and your child can carry or drag it around.

Come and talk to us at Kent Cricket Direct, we can discuss your requirements and you can try out a variety of options.

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