Horizon Compression Calf Sleeve


For some people it’s all about raw talent, dedication and sheer hard work, but to performance athletes and coaches it’s also about ‘marginal gains’, the famous 1% which can win the day. For years, many athletes ran in the lightest kit possible which often meant forgoing socks. That’s all been turned on its head with top class athletes preferring performance clothing that may give them that 1% advantage over their rivals. Step forward compression socks. Originally made for post-op recovery, it was soon evident that these socks could benefit athletes due to an increase in oxygenating the muscles and increasing blood flow back to the heart. The graduated compression from ankle to calf can relax the muscles as well as help to improve recovery time and reduce injuries. With quarter socks, full length knee socks and calf guards available, there’s a product to suit all sportsmen and women if they’re looking for that marginal gain.