Newbery Kudos 2 SPS Cricket Bat

The stunning Newbery Kudos 2 Cricket Bat is the headline act of Newbery cricket bats 2016. By taking weight out of the shoulder, the brand’s master bat makers are able to put more hitting power into the middle. This gives the bat a perfect light pick-up to high power ratio, which will provide you with both power and manoeuvrability. The Newbery Kudos 2 bat was given a longer spine, which has extended the middle even further, and is ideal for slow, low English wickets. The Newbery Kudos 2 SPS edition headlines this beautiful sub-range that carries a real aura of class. Invest in a Newbery Kudos 2 cricket bat today and get noticeably more “ping” when you hit the ball.

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