2018 Kit Roadshow

KCD Kit roadshow 2018

On the 5th January, players from local cricket clubs came to our Kit Roadshow at Tonbridge School Sports Centre to check out the new season bats from GM, Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra and Salix.

We had a selection of new season bats for players to try- we asked them to mark the bats out of 5 and make comments. As you can expect, they didn’t always agree! Below we have put together a league table collated from the players scores, along with some of the most helpful comments.

Gray Nicolls Prestige 4.5/5.0 good long middle
Salix 27 20/20 4.5/5.0 really light pick up and sweet middle
GM Zelos 4.3/5.0 good middle and balance
GM Haze Lite 4.2/5.0 best for some but weight wrong for others
GM Mana 4.1/5.0 lovely bat but big handle not great for smaller hands
Gray Nicolls Scoop XVII 4.1/5.0 everyone loved its looks and lovely pick up but not all voted for its performance
Kookaburra Surge 4.0/5.0 scored very well for performance
Kookaburra Kahuna 3.75/5.0 excellent performance but weight wrong for some
Gray Nicolls Powerbow 6 3.2/5.0 loved by many and best bat for some.

We have all of these bats in stock, so come along to the shop to check them out for yourself. Or take a look at our facebook page to see video of them in action on the day.

Happy batting.

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